custom development

planning, development, documentation, and training from web experts.

Web apps, microservices, WordPress sites and plugins, MAP/CRM integrations. We’ll work with you to write requirements, build functionality, and provide technical and end-user documentation.


We use User Stories and diagrams to define functionality for users and visitors. This ensures that the scope of a project is incredibly clear and these same documents provide a template for testing once development completes. We’ll use these stories to gather feedback and approval for all project requirements.


User Stories are combined into Epics and broken into project Sprints. This approach ensures tight project management and allows for iterative deliverables rather than disappearing into what we call “The Cloud of Development.” We’ll work within your project management software or invite you to ours (we like JIRA and Asana best).


Project structure, custom code & integrations, configuration, and administration are all documented so that management teams and future developers can quickly jump in and understand your site or web app. We’ll deliver documentation as a Confluence project or Word Docs, whichever you prefer.


Once the project is completed and your team is ready to run things, we’ll provide live training of all functionality along with our documentation. For more complicated aspects of the project, we’ll also record video walk throughs to ensure each step is clear.

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