About Tiny Ships

Tiny Ships is a web development agency specializing in website and web app dev and support. This means we are focused on building, improving, and supporting web properties, and working with clients and digital agencies that need ongoing partnership from web experts.

Tiny Ships is, and will remain, a small shop of dedicated experts that caters to a handful of longterm clients. We are currently accepting new clients, and would love to discuss your web needs.


Chris Davis

I’ve been obsessed with the web since I cracked the DOS password to my dad’s first computer in junior high (turns out it was his middle name). I first learned HTML and the basics of web programming at the computer bank on Alcatraz Island, where I worked as a National Park intern for a summer. After cutting my teeth freelancing, I moved to Atlanta and began working for dev shops and later full-service marketing agencies.

Since then I’ve been running web practices and building websites and applications for SaaS, finance, and real estate companies, as well as several major US brands. I am especially passionate about web performance, a calm, consistent user experience, and technical SEO.

I focus on using the web to assist with and automate marketing efforts. This includes custom Marketing Automation Platform integrations, content personalization, site speed, and analytics. My favorite web platforms include Laravel and WordPress, and I will gladly defend PHP against all attackers.

Besides writing the code and assisting the team, I enjoy working with clients to understand the problems they are facing and finding a sustainable solution.

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